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Posted by Lordcuckness - 3 weeks ago

It's finally finished yay! The Horse Who Came To Tea (SCAT) In total there are 27 images mostly involving scat.

You can buy it here! https://lordcuckness.gumroad.com/l/Horsewhocame

Please consider sharing this to help support me x Thank you!






Posted by Lordcuckness - August 18th, 2021

The Tiger Who Came To Tea Except It's A Fucking Horse

For the past 3 or so months i have been working on an art pack which is parodying the kids book "The Tiger Who Came To Tea" except in my version its a fucking horse with a honking great big cock! I wanted to make this cos the mom character is hot as fuck, look at her!


(This fucking hot british milf. I want to shove fucking crumpets up her butthole and have her fart them out on my face. I want her to let out her british repressed poo in my mouth. No doubt it was be fucking huge from a big fat slut like her. A mother always carries large turds as a matter of princible. wtf am i writing right now? But seriously I want her to hold her poo in for days just to release it all over my body. mmmmm )

(I changed the tiger to a horse because.. i'm just not into tigers at all. In fact.. the only animal i have ever been remotely attracted to, are horses. And even then its more likely the cartoon representation of it and its penis, not the real thing.. .. well.. maybe..

The mom character from the book gives the horse a good suck and blowjob and smells the horses ass. Heaving in a great sigh as the horse farts in her face point blank. she then begins to let the horse shit in her mouth and face. Eventually she masturbates while the horse poops on her. But then she descides to put her milf ass in the air and shits on her self, her turd lands right in her mouth. FInally she climaxes, covered in her own shit and horse poo.

(note dont hover ur cursor above these images ;3) iu_392870_7006426.png

(A little preview)

The last image will be her asleep at peace, with the horse lying next to her, farting in her face.

So far i think i got around 24 images and i have about 2 more to go. Its not like your standard comic, literally a series of seperate images with text, not all on one page, cos thats dumb and i hate it.

Anyway i will be selling it on gumroad so please buy it if you like that kind of thing or want to surport me.

I think in future though i will keep these art packs much shorter, maybe a max of 5 images.

I need to figure out a fair price when i decide to sell this parody hentai art pack abonination lol.

Its tricky.. because I invested a huge amount of time in it, there are 24 images so far. However the thing I am parodying is not exactly popular. If i made a art park of Lady Dimitrescu for example, i could market up the price.

But everything considered.. well I'll have to work out a fair price. Im going to be completely honest with you. I am not hopefull that this will sell that well. I should have chose a more popular thing to parody but this was what I WANTED to do. Shame i cant really make a living from it tho, well we will wait and see.

Oh btw I maybe trying to "sell" products, but that by no means means i am some kind of professional buisness person. Christ I hate that humble bullshit reddit, yelp, amazon, review writers, try to push on me. No! buy or don't buy.

Support me on patreon, only if you want to support me, not for anything else, please.


Look at this poo poo horse ^ Someone shared this in my patreon discord and i fucking love it. Look at that fking dumbass horse. Fuck me what a stupid fucking dumbass horse. Fucking bitch horse slapping its flabby body around, drunk out of its fucking mind like it owns the place.

yeah theres my edgy advert for my soon to be complete art pack.

iu_392869_7006426.gif#sans #sans #sansiu_392871_7006426.gif

#hentai #scat


Posted by Lordcuckness - August 7th, 2021

Sans is very susy



Posted by Lordcuckness - August 3rd, 2021

Because their red meat diet includes trans fats




Posted by Lordcuckness - June 8th, 2021

WHY why the hell do i get like existential depression when i think of Dorrie. Jeesus, all i gotta be is a bit tired and sad, think of this cute dinosuar and start tearing up.

Well I do know why.. he represents nostalgia for me. But so does Mario. So what makes Dorrie so special?

I put some thought into it.. and this is what I got..

Be me, as a child you see Dorrie in Hazy maze cave. you're just a child, so you don't know what might happen, the creature might eat you! instead hes sweet, looks a bit sombre in fact. You realise u can ground pound his back and she wails in pain. Then u go atop his head and control him to get to other land, hes nothing but a tool. With his sad expression, he just goes around in circles around the dark dank cave lake.

There is no resolution at the end of the game, hes still there alone. ..

Years later you play Mario Odyssey, the Lake Kingdom level. You traverse underwater and find a beautiful environment, light bouncing off everything, a wonderland. Serene and relaxing music plays. Then you see him. Dorrie, swimming above, but hes different.

Yes the graphics have improved, his design has changed to be more cartoon. But you realise, hes happy. Hes happy because hes finally free and has friends now, fellow fishes and mermaids. Later you can find him in an open outdoor lake at peaches castle, happy and friends with royalty. So.. that explains why he makes me emotional.

That all sounded like a typical Swankybox episode..

Seriously tho. I see pics of Dorrie I legit start to cry.. wtf.. WHY AM I GETTING SAD OVER A FUKING PLESIOSAUR


Posted by Lordcuckness - May 15th, 2021

Please. Support on Patreon if you want to Support me, nothing else.



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Posted by Lordcuckness - April 29th, 2021

The troubles of being a starving hentai artist



Posted by Lordcuckness - March 29th, 2021



*yeah i know Normies is an old word now, but come on, it basically means Simpleton*

Tomatoe tomata