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If you can't express yourself, what is the point in being alive? I draw scat, so if you don't like that, avoid me! 🔞ADULTS ONLY🔞 Taking commissions.

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Posted by Lordcuckness - 2 days ago

#I have about five free ones to do, so after that I will charging for commissions. Once Im finished with the ones im working on now I will make a rate sheet. I'll my as cheap as my time will allow...

Also came across this strange video...

If only the shit came out of the end it was meant to, then it would be hot as fuck..


Posted by Lordcuckness - 6 days ago

So I have been giving it some thought and I think it would be cool to set up a patreon account. Some might think its too soon and maybe it is. But heck why not. I am still working on all the Tiers at the moment. I'm thinking of keeping it simple, like $2 Tier gives access to work in progresses, rough sketches and line artwork. $5 all above plus voting on poles. After that im not really sure.

But for now I think I will just work on those two tiers metioned. Currently my account is under review.

If anybody has an ideas for Tiers please please please let me know >.<; im kinda stuck.

My dream would be able to quit my job to work on naughty artwork permantly. Thats a tall order though. Either way the idea getting paid for making hentai is amazing to me, even if was $10 a month or even just $2.

To any and all who are watching / following me right now, thanks so much! And I hope to impress you in the future with more of my depraved artwork :3 Btw I love reading peoples comments on my work, I dono why i just love it, even if its simple or whatever. Ha I guess im that loney xD. Nah but for real I love hearing everyones ideas or role playing ect, its hot and imagintive.

**UPDATE** YAY my patreon account is all up and running, check it out! https://www.patreon.com/Lordcuckness


Posted by Lordcuckness - 13 days ago

I have no idea if this is a recent thing, but feces is on their list of content they can delete. Although the scat tag still exists and still has thousands of related hentai? Two of my shits got deleted. But lol rule34.xxx has standards?! Well at least i can upload here and e621 and furaffinity. nvm. I respect people can't handle da poop. Its like anal is a form of denial if you know what I mean xD.


Posted by Lordcuckness - 2 weeks ago

Not regarding porn for a moment, good video.


Posted by Lordcuckness - 1 month ago


Posted by Lordcuckness - December 19th, 2019

I don;t have many ideas.

so far.. I am thinking of Midna taking a fat shit into a stocking.. any ideas anyone?


Posted by Lordcuckness - December 18th, 2019


Although i always love this hypothetical question. ...

your favorite fictional could come into existence.. BUT the catch is, for them to exist you have to eat their shit alteast once.. would you do it? I know I would do it if I could have Android 18 or maybe Torial. But lugging around a furry female humanoid in real life would be hard.



Posted by Lordcuckness - December 16th, 2019

Although I already have a couple which means any future ones from anyone will take a while.

But i will paint anything, prefering anal and scat related but i dont mind.


Posted by Lordcuckness - December 14th, 2019




Posted by Lordcuckness - December 11th, 2019