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u should make dead bart

the way u design characters is fucking funny

Sir i desire more scat

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that was actually very relaxing. i like being aduck

That was hot. Though I felt a motivation to loose to those mini cells so i could jerk to the pic of 18 getting gang banged by them. I was hopping for more kinky sex after beating the game rather then that one loop. The drawing were really good, you got android 18 looking like her herself, drawing her is hard. Controls are good though it messed with my browser? Hope to see more in the future.. maybe 18 can fuck some other ppl.

also the music had me laughing when they fucked.

Bahaha, i decided to pull out and cum on her (Raven always deserves that)

Would be nice to have check points to save time though.

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Really cool! Reminds me of exploring an underground facility, in a video game. It has that kind of atmosphere to it that reminds me of Metroid and other games. Sick.

Well dude that was a pretty damn convincing ad voice! And funny as fuck too. "Introducing my literal asshole". I lost it at that.

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mmmmm Muffet!

Big horse dixk mmm

That fat stallion cock...

If you can't express yourself, what is the point in being alive? I draw scat, so if you don't like that, avoid me!

27, Male

Mental illness, I AM

I am a genuis (no really)

Your mind.

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