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WHY why the hell do i get like existential depression when i think of Dorrie. Jeesus, all i gotta be is a bit tired and sad, think of this cute dinosuar and start tearing up.

Well I do know why.. he represents nostalgia for me. But so does Mario. So what makes Dorrie so special?

I put some thought into it.. and this is what I got..

Be me, as a child you see Dorrie in Hazy maze cave. you're just a child, so you don't know what might happen, the creature might eat you! instead hes sweet, looks a bit sombre in fact. You realise u can ground pound his back and she wails in pain. Then u go atop his head and control him to get to other land, hes nothing but a tool. With his sad expression, he just goes around in circles around the dark dank cave lake.

There is no resolution at the end of the game, hes still there alone. ..

Years later you play Mario Odyssey, the Lake Kingdom level. You traverse underwater and find a beautiful environment, light bouncing off everything, a wonderland. Serene and relaxing music plays. Then you see him. Dorrie, swimming above, but hes different.

Yes the graphics have improved, his design has changed to be more cartoon. But you realise, hes happy. Hes happy because hes finally free and has friends now, fellow fishes and mermaids. Later you can find him in an open outdoor lake at peaches castle, happy and friends with royalty. So.. that explains why he makes me emotional.

That all sounded like a typical Swankybox episode..

Seriously tho. I see pics of Dorrie I legit start to cry.. wtf.. WHY AM I GETTING SAD OVER A FUKING PLESIOSAUR

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