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NG is becoming youtube now?

GrayAnimations responds:

nope. i dont like yt.....well linus tech tips is okay..

I love your animations, I am so jealous of how hot they are and the facial animation is sooo cute too!!!

Certedia responds:

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Great animation and great voice acting!

I like the detail of her mouth moving rather then typical anime where the jaw doesnt lower. its a nice detail to put in there.

Aster-Effect responds:

yeah, i tried to avoid that cliches, it took more frame for drawings but it worked in the end

O.o what does the toilet button do?

MyLustWish responds:

Those are her needs! Sometimes she need to go to the toilet.

.. god dammit i really want to get involved in these, I keep missing out.. not that my skill is good enough.. but id at least try to

DanaBananaTree responds:

Do it mate! In my experience, all skill levels and animation styles are welcome and it's great fun to be part of a team. Plus it pushes you to develop which adds salsa to the chippies~

Turnip2707 responds:

it's my first collab and I'll tell you that the skills don't really matter as much as interacting with the great people in the collab Discord. I'm sure you'll have a great time joining a collab!

EAt cum. ok

also hentai mmm
and god damn there was a pee fetish?
damn i could have got in on that with doo doo feces fetish.

Sevi responds:

Watch the previous collab ;)

~Luigi watz dat??!

That is the penis and testicles.

SomeApe responds:

how did you know about my next animation?

LOL that made me laugh

InsularSkunk responds:

Glad to hear; that's what I'm all about in terms of what I'm trying to accomplish with cartoons!

The faces are too jumpy. Its how I can always tell its animated by you even without the nametag. I don't mean it as an insult, its just always bugged me, people are not always erratic with their facial expressions. Though this is a serious improvement compared to your past work, and im not saying i could do any better or anything like that. Its nice that the camera is stable to, i hate spastic camera movements in 3D works, its somethimes over the top and unnecessary.

Anyway this is fuking amazing!

Redmoa responds:

I'm not sure what jumpy means but thank you tho!

That was really cool. Good to see some 3D Toriel porn.

One thing, I'd say is not to move around small details like the pupils and mouth, if your going to loop the motion/animation. Things like that always look kinda strange when its looped. Or loop the main motion e.g handjob but make sure the eyes or mouth don't repeat the same motion over and over. And instead have them not move much or move seprately from the loop. uhh.. sry this is hard to explain.

I mean, if someone is sucking my dick its unliky they would repeat the exact same eye movement over and over again, you see what I mean? But the main motion of course would be the same.

ugh well there is my nitpicking.

RookieAnimator210 responds:

Yeah i was gonna put some more effort in...even do a cum scene but i lost interest quite quickly. i was going to do different eye movements but as stated before sloppiness invaded me and i just wanted to render at that point XD

i appreciate the feedback though! i don't get many well thought out responses mostly horny people or people that want to hate so its good to get some good nitpicking once and a while

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