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Oh god.. oh god the size of that thing, and those damn bawls... oh my.. Really hot! Love the level of detail, really nice combination with pixalted animation. His dick looks juciy and meaty because of how you animated it, awesome! Maybe could use more movement on his limbs and legs, but they might ruin the video game esc theme.

SesVanbrubles responds:

More frame by frame animation woulda been good but its also gotta be animated quick and practical. I think the 4skin makes up for it ;3

:O woah, your style is really cute!

I love how the style is similar to the cartoon but more detailed, the only thing i'd want is a more exaggerated perspective, perharps from below looking up. But thats a personal preference, so five stars booooiii!

Oh god the breasts are gigantic, I'd want to use them as pillows. Nice!

Rtenzo responds:

Happy you like it man, thanks for the comment!

This was complete fantasy to me.. I never even thought that you would ever attampt an Incredibles character.. but here it is! Sexy busty Helen Parr. I would gladly eat her massive respectable ass! This is a great rendering, the body but face especailly. The expressions are so life like. Considering that many pixar model remakes are... well clearly substandard, this is impressive. I hope you make depraved porn of her soon, I am most desprate for it. I guess the only improvment I can see, would be in lighting. In this picture her eyes blend in a bit too much with the skin of her face. Perharps this is just my perception. Or maybe comes with the territory of cell shading, dono whatever.

Needs more rancid feces! Btw your style is very unique.

Most incredible artwork.

The way her ass looks like it was weight to it ( in the last panel ) is really impressive, it has life to it...

notice me senpai...

MMMmmmm, But i want a solid not a fluid.

oh and... um... Notice me senpai!

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