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uh oh well ok... wait.. *puts on glasses and stares at crotch*

Lol I like this one, sexy as fuck. Actually made me laugh a bit, becuase it looks like the penis is really threatening her, like.. its communicating to her through telepathy. xD Haha i has fuked up mind. nice one though.

Fuck i got a boner ><;



The exsessive size of everything really turns me on. I like the way the hair and face is drawn, the ears are really cute too. The horse cock balls and of course the breasts are amazing. I can't think of any improvements. I guess the penis gland/penis head could be bigger, it seems to small compared to the rest of the shaft? I dono why but I find the idea of a massive gland between her boobs really hot. Fuck nice work!

The thighs are to die for, makes me want to draw more Toriel.. mmmm..errrr.... I love the shading you did too. And oh my gosh her little shoes are so cute, maybe could use more detail on them? meh i dono. loving your style.

God dammit this made me horny. Her face is so well drawn and defined. The cock looks really realistic in size too. Crazy good!

Newgrounds is seriously lacking in Chi Chi hentai. She is a milf in need of attention and the community needs to honor this... LMAO. I really like the line art here, the background Tuna and meat looks tasty! nice.

Oh god.. oh god the size of that thing, and those damn bawls... oh my.. Really hot! Love the level of detail, really nice combination with pixalted animation. His dick looks juciy and meaty because of how you animated it, awesome! Maybe could use more movement on his limbs and legs, but they might ruin the video game esc theme.

SesVanbrubles responds:

More frame by frame animation woulda been good but its also gotta be animated quick and practical. I think the 4skin makes up for it ;3

:O woah, your style is really cute!

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