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Why do i wana make this fucked up shit?

Posted by Lordcuckness - January 20th, 2022

So like.. I have the obsession with Mario and the princesses.

before in the past i did some scat stuff. with Peach shitting and mario and luigi eating her delightful feces like the fucking italian slaves they are. (jk)

But like, now i wanna really wanna do an animation of Mario or luigi tied up and naked, getting kicked in the balls by a kinky dressed peach or daisy. Either that or instead of Mario/luigi, its Bowser. They would also be slapped and hit ect ect. And heck lets do some poop stuff too. Daisy makes Luigi her toilet, and luigi eats shit, he is a plumber afterall.

If it was Bowser.. then id do some more fucked shit. Like they shove his own dead offspring up his asshole. As as some sadistic insult to his lineage or whatever. Or they actually slaughter him slowly.

like.. i dono.. its just funny as fuck to me. Like all the kinks and fetish shit are only super funny to me if it involves Mario.

uh the latter idea of slaughtering bowser is more of an... art thing not porn. Uh i dono. Are ppl fucked if they ever wathced Saw? or literally any film with violence? Simpsons halloween episodes?

u get what i mean.


I dono. I think its because mario as a game franchise is so happy go lucky. Heck im convinced why ppl find the idea of a kinky peach or daisy is EXACTLY because they come across as so innocent.



this made me laugh so hard.

i think an animation would be a lot of work, i think a comic would be better way to....visualize your idea

the bowser idea is interesting, albeit a little macabre but i'm rathe curious to see it

what if they both tag team tho, daisy shits on mario, peach shits on luigi

i look forward to what you'll post

@Lordcuckness mixing medias, i like it

once you finish the concepts, you should make a list that has the animation, comics and drawings so that you can see it all go together

i think it'd be funny to give luigi a bigger dick than mario

i'd like to see the bowser idea. i love dark stuff, i used to like shadman when he did his really dark and messed up comics, and that kind of humor. i think the bowser idea fit that kind of niche

i personally think that you should express them by drawing them down bc i don't think its good to bottle them up and let them fester

Yeah i should organize it somewhere. might just do the traditional notes on paper.

LMAO Luigi with a biger cock, maybe its circumsized and mario's is not. could have a scene where mario looks at luigis cock and is really confused.

Same. Its funny like dark shit too, but mostly in the form of cartoons or writing. I dont like live action shit that does it.. its strange, maybe it feels to real to me. I remember Shads old stuff too, back when it was harmless edgy shit. But he crossed some lines.. dono wtf hes doing now.

Yeah u might be right. I dont want to ignore this side of me. Maybe i should expereiment and see how it makes me feel after doing some work on it.

@Lordcuckness i was talking about a newgrounds list or playlist like this one

maybe a scene where mario and luigi 69?

live action stuff to me feel fake. i love the period where shad was making funny lewd comics, they were so funny. now he just tweets random shit, don't know what's that about.

it'd be therapeutic to explore it i think. try to get to the root of why and see go from there

ahh i see. looks cool, i could try that.

lmao. Maybe a scene where Daisy and or peach force take a massive shit. Then force Mario and luigi to french kiss the turd, so like they are made to share the turd, in each others mouth. And daisy makes fun of them for being gay bros.

man id really like to animate the cock and ball torture of mario. il just do pics with very little animation.


lmao, just passing it back and forth like two lovers passing gum

follow your heart lol

they deep throat it, with Daisy and peach on either side, pushing luigi's and mario's heads

@Lordcuckness like a double sided dildo lmao