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Posted by Lordcuckness - January 22nd, 2019

Finally making some progress with this shit (pun not intended).

its fucking disgusting lol.

coloring is really hard for me, i decided to go with a less is more appraoch and just make it a bit simpler.

Her arms are not over her ass yet, as she will be grabing her own butt. also need to work on her face cos she looks retard.  As for the background.. well she works at Burger Kink... so will do that eventually. Thinking of having cocks in the foreground ready to make the secret suace for the burger. 7006426_154818995071_Untitled-1.jpg




Posted by Lordcuckness - January 21st, 2019

Follow me!


I should be adding my own hentai scat of midna soon, painted some of her but needs perfecting and background.


You will love the painting if you like HUGE turds coming out of hentai characters.




Posted by Lordcuckness - January 17th, 2019

Admittedly she was wearing shoes... But that's even worse!

Lol I am drawing some disgusting hentai scat inspired by this old stupid meme. It makes me laugh though so I couldnt help it. This is just a rough shity sketch. I have yet to actually paint something properly and finish it. I need to find a nice little style.. Oh yeah this is Midna by the way, only she now works at burger king and wears her burger king hat. She is a great employee.

Poop Chungus



Posted by Lordcuckness - January 15th, 2019

You must understand why we need poop


The mystical smell and overwelming view of feces is well and truely inspiring for all. It is something that blesses the very soil we walk upon. The inner entrails of a turd and its inner goodies are something only men of culture desire! I can say that the taste is, well surprisingly sweet!

Anyway, while I swirl around in aboslute despair I have found a rather ironic way of disbelling the hellish hatered within me. For you see I am a bit of a scat man and I believe in the sovereignty of scat. No the way I shall dispel this insanity is by drawing it, its my comfort, i need it. So take it or leave it.

Recently I have been sketching depraved images of the Imp Midna from Twilight princess. As you can see I have massive potential, shame I waste it on this no? Yet amazingly it might be improving my abilities. Id upload this to the art portal, but its only a sketch. If you want me to complete and color this then let me know...

I actually have a whole bunch of drawings I did based on my imagination with no referances at all, aside from the Midna 3D model. So this comic is going to be really disgusting. Literally middle age men forcing Midna to gulp down their massive turds. Eventually she enjoys it too the point that she splits apart a huge turd to smell its inner goodness.

NOTE: Actually, just look at my art instead, dono what the rules are on adult content and posts...





Posted by Lordcuckness - September 4th, 2018

I like butts.


Drawing hentai is far more motivating then... well.. anything else. Which sad actually.. .but then agein if i can improve artistic wise then perharps its a good thing...