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I'm animating mario cock and ball torture.

Posted by Lordcuckness - January 26th, 2022

Peach will kick mario in the balls and he will scream. It happens in a dungeon under peaches castle. It will be funny as fuck. I MIGHT make it a part 1. cos i could so some other funny shit or just turn it into a legit porno hentai. Its quite short. i think about 30 sec.

its prob gunna be alot like my yoda animation. which some prick uploaded to youtube and got 3mill views lmao. so when im done with this animation il make a youtube account for it and any future shit i do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUUgCXpDmwg

after mario is kicked in the balls and screaming, for a part 2 i might show a camera watching them the whole time, and turns out luigi was watching them via camera. He is tied to a chair.. scared.. watching his brothers pain.... Luigi saids in a scared voice... "mmmm MMARRiiiooo.... :( " Suddenly Daisy appears behind him, wearing kinky outfit. She has a devlish smile.

The idea of Lugi being forced to watch his brothers c&bt is pretty funny to me. But il either have that as a part 2 or end part 1 with that.

What would happen in part 2?

either more cock and ball torture for the lols...

or... maybe scat and farts. Like Peach takes a massive rancid shit on a plate in front mario and luigi who are both bound and tied. Daisy watches menacingly. Then peach makes mario and luigi "lady and the tramp" that turd. Like both luigi and mario make out with peaches smelly poo in this mouth, like a big turd suasage, they both gag on it and both daisy and peach force the brothers heads closer together.

Lmao. Feels like part 1 is a typical meme thing. Part 2 feels like the next 2 girls and 1 cup in cartoon form.

bro how the fuck could i upload these to youtube?? i mean yoda cock and ball torture survives to this day. Maybe i could put a censor filter for the youtube version and age verify and shit. . Pixlated poop.. hmmm it would have to be really pixalated though.

You know what i hate the most about animation? Making backgrounds.. im tempted to just copy and paste mario backgrounds for the sake of shit posting.. but.. nah i wana make more effort then that. my painting skills suck for that tho.. hmmm well whatever, i could just keep a neat cartoon style.





lmao, i love the yoda one

the idea has certainly developed, i will say that much.
the mario kick i think won't have too much trouble on youtube but Pt.2 i think would if you want to make sure it stay's up, you need a website. i could help you set one up if you'd like or i can host it on my site if you want

im excited to see how it turns out